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Our focus is to make it possible for everyone, even without technical knowledge, to use digital money.

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A team of certified developers are working together to provide the best solution for the users.

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The coins goal is tied to keep +100% of its value in comparison with the actual physical US Dollar.

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Download our wallet for windows and linux and make your first transaction in seconds. We keep the surface simple so that people without technical knowledge can use cryptocurrencies. Because great products should be for everyone.

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Open Source Development

We believe in fairness, freedom and transparency. That is why our source code and the blockchain data are publicly available. Everyone has the right to contribute something to the project and to advance the free market a little further.

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Blockchain powered by a strong community

A project is nothing without its community. We support each other in the development and progress of the project. We have set up a Discord server for this. Suggestions, feedback or bugs can be reported there. Or just get to know the community.
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